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Sclerotherapy: Say Goodbye to Varicose & Spider Veins

In 2009 Doral, FL was named the 2nd Best Place to Live in America by Forbes. It’s no wonder, too, as Doral offers so much to residents and visitors alike; including all of the nearby golf courses and resorts. Lots of small businesses and startups are located in Doral, so between the leisure and business activities, this city is thriving with activity.

You may be in the thick of all the excitement in Doral; playing golf in your off hours and working at a hot startup. As you participate in all the activities around town, you may have occasionally found yourself needing healthcare services; and who wants to drive all around town if they need allergy care or spider vein treatment? At Soffer Health we provide the healthcare you need close to home; right here in Doral. Our full suite of services includes cardiology, medically supervised weight loss, senior healthcare and many more services. You’ll be happy to find that our doctors can spend more time with you, as their patient loads are smaller than those of many of the other physicians in the area. You’ll enjoy personalized care that will get you back on the golf course or to your other favorite activities faster! Let’s take a look at some of the services offered at our Doral location, including vein treatment and allergy care.

Sclerotherapy Offers Amazing Results With Minimal Downtime

Here at Soffer Health Institute in Doral, FL we’re happy to explain the sclerotherapy procedure to you. One of the things about sclerotherapy that you’ll like the best is that it is a relatively simple treatment process. You won’t need lengthy recovery times after each treatment, and the pain is comparable to an insect bite when the doctor injects a solution into the problem veins. A super fine needle is used in this procedure. For the next few days you’ll wear compression stockings and do some walking to stimulate the natural healing process. Soon your troublesome spider and varicose veins will disappear from view!

Once they’re gone, you’ll see beautiful legs again – what a difference! Then there won’t be any reason to hide from the golf course in Doral (you’ll be able to enjoy wearing shorts again) or skip going out with friends for fear your legs won’t look well in a dress or skirt. Your doctor will ask you to curb your enthusiasm for rigorous exercise for just a few days post-treatment; but you can resume daily activities nearly immediately.

Some of the Best Allergy Care Physicians in the Region

In addition to sclerotherapy, Soffer Health provides some of the best allergy care in the region. Here you’ll find doctors who will diagnose your symptoms and pinpoint what is causing your allergic reaction. Then through a combination of education, allergen avoidance, symptomatic medication and allergen vaccinations, your doctor will help you successfully manage your symptoms. Each patient will require specialized care and Soffer Health’s allergists provide personalized allergy treatment close to home, so you won’t have to travel outside Doral. Fight allergies effectively and conveniently at Soffer Health Institute!

Comprehensive Healthcare in Doral, FL: Personalized Care for You & Your Family

Sclerotherapy and allergy treatments are but two of the many healthcare services you’ll find at Soffer Health. We treat patients of all ages, and even offer specialized senior healthcare, in addition to cardiology, primary care and more health services. Our no stress, no hassle approach to healthcare allows you to receive the highest quality care from physicians who can spend more time treating you. That’s a win-win for everyone. Please call us today at 305-273-5511 to schedule an appointment.

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