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Soffer Health Institute is led by board-certified cardiologist Ariel Soffer, MD, FACC. Dr. Soffer and his medical team, including Yael D. Myers, MD, and Furqan Tejani, MD, offer a variety of services for vein diseases and circulatory disorders that affect vascular health as well as internal medicine and cardiology care. Soffer Health Institute has offices in Weston and Aventura,  Florida, and also offers the convenience of telemedicine services to the benefit of patients unable to come into the office or who lead busy lives.

Dr. Soffer is leading the charge to promote better vein care around the world. At Soffer Health Institute, he and the experienced cardiology team use state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies to quickly uncover the root cause of chronic leg pain, swollen legs, and other unexplained symptoms.

Soffer Health Institute provides vein evaluation services to assess the severity of varicose veins and identify underlying conditions in the earliest stages. They also provide laser ablation to address varicose veins, which are common on the legs.

As part of its comprehensive health care services, Soffer Health Institute is also proud to offer internal medicine services through Dr. Yael D. Myers, including routine physicals and chronic disease management. Dr. Soffer also provides weight loss services to help patients gain an improved quality of life.

The medical team customizes the treatments to meet patient needs and focuses on improving both leg health and overall health. Treatment plans start with the least invasive therapies to allow the body to heal itself while relieving acute symptoms quickly. After acute issues are resolved, the Soffer Health Institute physicians tailor long-term care plans to ensure optimal vascular health and function.

To get treatment for twisted, painful varicose veins or obtain relief from symptoms of restless legs syndrome, schedule a vein evaluation through the online booking tool or call Soffer Health Institute today to learn more about their services. .

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Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Soffer and P.A. Cecilia make my wife and I feel as though we're very special. They've also saved my life through considerate advice & persistence that I follow it."

    David G.
  • Google

    "Truly turning back the hands of time on my legs, they look awesome and those ugly spider and varicose veins are gone!"

    Susan K.
  • Google

    "Dr. Soffer is great! Very rare to find a doctor to take his time explaining everything to a patient until they are completely comfortable and understand everything."

    Vanessa H.
  • Google

    "The experience at Soffer Health Institute pleasant and joyful to come back regularly for any treatments, medications or just for a simple routine checkup."

    Pedro E.
  • Google

    "The staff and nurses are so friendly and helpful. A personal thank you to Dr. Soffer for his expertise and care. Doc you are amazing"

    Sara T.
  • Yelp

    "Me and my wife had excellent experience with varicose vein treatments . From reception (Cecilia) to interaction and treatment by Dr. Soffer."

    Andrei P.
  • facebook

    "I Am pleased with all the people that I meet at Doctor Soffer all the staff was Care and very Nice am so grateful."

    Claudia A.
  • facebook

    "After only a few months under Dr. Soffers care my legs are feeling & looking much better. I'm not done yet but I thank God for all they have done for me thus far!"

    Karen A.


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