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At the Soffer Health Institute, with offices in Aventura, Hialeah, and Weston, Florida, board-certified cardiologist, Ariel Soffer, MD, FACC, offers the latest advancements in cardiology care. Dr. Soffer and his team provide on-site diagnostic testing for a wide range of acute and chronic heart conditions. He focuses on the least invasive treatment whenever possible. You can also receive cardiology care through telemedicine services. If you have new symptoms of a heart condition or need help managing existing heart disease, request an appointment online or call Soffer Health Institute today.

Cardiology Q & A

What cardiology services are available?

Cardiology services at Soffer Health Institute focus on caring for both acute and chronic heart conditions. The philosophy of the medical team is to use the least invasive techniques to treat your condition and promote the natural healing ability of your own body.

The team offers on-site diagnostic testing services and customized treatments for a variety of heart-related conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Chest pain (angina)
  • Valve dysfunction
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Chronic heart diseases
  • Congestive heart failure

The team is also highly skilled at managing your care following a heart attack and provides personalized resources to help you prevent another one.

You can receive ongoing medical monitoring and diagnostic cardiology services in the office, or you can check-in using the convenience of telemedicine services. This allows you to meet with the team virtually using the latest technology and popular apps.

What can I expect during my initial cardiology consultation?

During your initial evaluation for potential heart-related symptoms, your provider takes time to review your personal and family medical history. They perform a physical exam of your body and may request diagnostic testing to assess the function of your heart.

When your diagnosis is confirmed, the team customizes a treatment plan that focuses on using the least invasive techniques to improve your heart function and health.

What treatments are available for heart problems?

There are a variety of advanced cardiology treatments available at Soffer Health Institute, many of which are noninvasive. Initially, you may be prescribed medications, such as aspirin, to reduce the chances of a blood clot or nitroglycerin to relieve chest pain. Other medications and supplements may include beta-blockers, calcium-channel blockers, cholesterol-lowering medications, omega-3 fats, and vitamins.

The medical team also focuses on helping you make necessary lifestyle changes to improve heart health and prevent serious heart-related diseases and complications. 

To help you make these changes, they provide:

  • Diet and exercise counseling
  • Smoking cessation resources
  • Stress reduction techniques

Will I need surgery for a heart condition?

The team at Soffer Health Institute is highly experienced in advanced minimally invasive heart procedures including catheter-assisted treatments and surgery. They offer a variety of treatments including:

Coronary angioplasty and stents

Angioplasty is a procedure to widen narrowed blood vessels in the heart to improve blood flow. A stent may be necessary to keep the blood vessel open and prevent additional heart blockages from causing health complications.

Magnetic-assisted intervention

Magnetic-assisted intervention is a cutting-edge technology that treats blockages in the blood vessels of the heart. This technique uses computer-controlled magnets to open blocked vessels without the need for open-heart surgery.

Coronary artery bypass surgery

Coronary artery bypass surgery focuses on using a graft (new blood vessel) to support blood flow when there’s a chronic blockage in a coronary artery.

Minimally invasive heart surgery

Minimally invasive heart surgery requires only small incisions to access the structures of the heart. The team at Soffer Health Institute also use robot-assisted technologies to perform heart surgery with the highest level of precision.

To learn more about your options for treating unexplained chest pain or for help managing an existing heart condition, schedule a consultation using the online booking tool or by calling Soffer Health Institute today. Please note that during the coronavirus crisis, most televisits are 100% insurance covered with no copays.

We Offer Telemedicine

Find out more about the many benefits of telemedicine by calling Soffer Health Institute or by requesting an appointment online today.

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