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Perhaps you have had to drive to several different clinics to find physicians and specialists who can treat multiple issues, such as allergies, weight management, or varicose vein problems. Here at Soffer Health Institute you’ll find an array of healthcare experts to treat all of those diseases and conditions, plus we offer cardiologists, senior health physicians, and primary care doctors. At Soffer Health we provide care for you and your family that’s close to home, plus it’s personal and comprehensive. Let’s take a look at our Aventura location and some of the personalized medical services offered, including treatment for varicose and spider veins.

Sclerotherapy Treatments: Bare Your Legs Again!

Perhaps you’ve watched people jogging or enjoying a walk on the 3-mile trail in Aventura. Lots of folks make this jogging trail a part of their daily routine. You may be avoiding this area because you don’t want others to notice your varicose or spider veins. Wouldn’t it be great if you could wear shorts and jog or walk on this popular trail without being self-conscious? Well, you can.

There are an estimated 40 million people with varicose and spider vein problems in the U.S. Every year thousands of people seek treatment and are amazed to find that it really works; providing real results with minimal to no pain involved. This treatment is called sclerotherapy and in Aventura you’ll discover that this treatment is easy to obtain right at Soffer Health Institute in about an hour or less per treatment.

Sclerotherapy Involves Very Minimal Pain

With a super fine needle the sclerotherapy doctor will inject a solution that will treat the veins. You will wear compression stockings and get in some walking over the next few weeks to months until your own body helps you heal, with the formerly noticeable veins fade from view!

And once those veins fade away, your legs will look like you always wished they could – just right for wearing shorts! You’ll be able to put on those walking or jogging shoes and hit the trail in Aventura with your friends or on your own, with the confidence that comes with great-looking legs. Not a varicose or spider vein in sight!

Postpone Rigorous Exercise for a Few Days After the Procedure

While sclerotherapy treatment may cause you to temporarily postpone rigorous exercise for a few days, most normal activities can be picked back up immediately. Walking, for example, or normal going up and down stairs, etc. should not pose an issue.

Find Out More About Vein Treatments & All of Our Healthcare Services

Here at Soffer Health Institute in Aventura, we are happy to discuss your options for vein treatment, and help you reach your health goals. Take advantage of our full suite of services, including our no hassle, no stress Soffer Health Concierge Program that focuses on physicians spending quality time with patients, while delivering cutting edge care. Call us today at 305-792-0555 for more information on all of our healthcare services.

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