The Next Stethoscope?

Free Smart Phone App for Aventura Cardiology, Varicose Vein Patients Seen as Invaluable Breakthrough in Standard Tools for Medical Practice.

When Dr. Ariel Soffer created The Soffer Health Application, the board certified cardiologist and specialist in treating Miami varicose vein and Aventura spider vein patients quickly realized it could earn a place beside the stethoscope as a critical tool in patient care.

It’s should come as no surprise. The innovation is an easy-to-use smartphone app that enables virtual consultations and medical photography for patients with vein or general heart health questions.

It could become as common as the stethoscope. Powerful, intuitive and simple to use for patient and physician alike, this app will at the very least become an invaluable and permanent tool in the offices of leading physicians committed to delivering leading-edge patient care,” said Dr. Soffer, who developed the app as an addition to his AppwoRx suite of products. “It incorporates medical photography, patient-practice correspondence, and numerous other common interactions – streamlining the doctor-patient relationship and improving the delivery of care.”

Here’s how it works: Patients download and install the free software on their iPhone or Android mobile device. They then can shoot and submit photos to their doctor and ask questions about treatments, progress or side effects. Patients can also access post-procedure care instructions, FAQs, directions and office hours and contact information through the consumer app.

The clinical photography capabilities of the app are critical. Images are essential to the effective treatment of vein disease. With the Soffer Health Application, physicians can use clinical photography to examine and diagnose patient conditions and provide consultations, offer advice to patients and prospective patients, discuss expectations, suggest options and outcomes, and visually document the results. Doctors also can use these images to assess effectiveness of previous intervention and determine the best course of action for future treatment.

Even the world has taken notice. Vein doctors and cardiologists from Brazil, Ecuador, Israel and Russia treating patients with varicose veins, spider veins and other health issues, have contacted the Soffer Health Institute about adapting and translating the app for use in their practices.

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About Soffer Health Institute

The Soffer Health Institute, with offices throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties, Florida, is dedicated to making patients feel at home throughout their medical evaluation and treatment procedures. Headed by Dr. Ariel Soffer, who is board certified in cardiovascular disease and is a Fellow in the American College of Cardiology, the medical team thoroughly evaluates each patient’s condition with the latest research and techniques available and presents a customized treatment plan that best suits each patient’s individual needs. Learn more at

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