The Many Benefits of Telemedicine

The current health care crisis, which is far from over, has changed the way we do almost everything. From shopping for groceries to going to work or school, our lives are conducted more remotely than ever before, and this includes our health care.

At the Soffer Health Institute, Dr. Ariel Soffer and our medical team want to make patient and staff health a top priority, which is why we’ve chosen to offer telemedicine services. While telemedicine is certainly answering the current call, it also offers many other benefits, and we explore them here.

Keeping your distance

As the viral infection known as COVID-19 continues to make its dangerous rounds, we can now add flu season to the mix. With telemedicine, we can initiate and monitor your cardiovascular health care from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Whether you fall into one of the high-risk groups or you just want to minimize your exposure during these challenging times, telemedicine is a safe and effective way to address your cardiovascular health.

Saving time

Outside of current pandemic concerns, we recognize that our lives are busy. With telemedicine, you can save considerable time since you can conduct your appointment with us without ever having to leave your home or office. This means no waiting rooms, traffic, or any of the other time-robbing hurdles you face with in-person appointments.

Video technology

To conduct our telemedicine appointments, we rely on technology that exists in the palm of your hand or on your desktop. Using apps like Facetime® or WhatsApp, you can “see” one of our cardiovascular specialists and that specialist can see you. 

This means that you can show one of our team members the problem you’re having, whether it’s an engorged vein or a slow-healing ulcer. Through video, we can often make a preliminary diagnosis so that we can get you on the road to a solution more quickly.

Faster road to treatment

With telemedicine, we take care of your initial consultation remotely, so that when you do come in, we get right down to work in delivering the treatment you need.

Easier road to recovery

By the same token, if you’ve had a procedure done with us, there’s no need for you to return to have us follow up, as we can often monitor your recovery remotely.

If you’d like to learn more about our telemedicine services, please contact one of our three offices in Weston, or Aventura, Florida. You can call us or use the online booking option here on our website.

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