South Florida Cardiologist and Vein Care Specialist, Addresses Colleagues from across the Nation

Dr. Ariel Soffer, M.D., a board certified cardiologist and vein care specialist treating varicose veins and spider veins, recently spoke at the New Cardiovascular Horizons conference in New Orleans. Also, his article in the prominent medical journal Endovascular Today has been widely read and distributed among his peers.

Considered a leader in his field, Dr. Soffer’s presentations at New Cardiovascular Horizons included such topics and forums as…

– How to Successfully Add Vein Procedures into a Cardiology Practice

– A panel discussion on Venous Disease and Thermal Ablation of Superficial Venous System

– Chair of a panel discussion on Venous Disease, with a presentation on Management of Spider Telangiectasias and Reticular Veins

“These are dynamic and critical practice areas for physicians wishing to both grow their practice and better serve their patients, as well as patients seeking best-available care,” Dr. Soffer said. “As evidenced by each event’s attendance, cardiologists recognize the importance of these and other vital disciplines within their chosen fields.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Soffer wrote an important article in the industry journal, Endovascular Today. Dr. Soffer wrote of the growing work of knowledge surrounding peripheral vascular disease, or PAD. The incorporation of phlebology, or the treatment of vein disease, is not only good medicine and smart practice management. It results in the advancement of science and patient care.

“As the scope of today’s cardiology practice continues to broaden, the most important additions might be the evaluation of peripheral vascular disease, also known as PAD, along with the study of venous circulation. In fact, many would now consider it malpractice if a physician suspects coronary heart disease but does not consider concomitant peripheral vascular disease as part of the evaluation process.”

Founded by Dr. Ariel Soffer, a prominent, board certified Aventura cardiologist and varicose vein care specialist, The Soffer Health Institute serves patients needing cardiology, vein treatments and primary care – including allergy treatments. Dr. Soffer is the former Chief of Cardiology at Jackson North Medical Center and former Chief of Medicine at Hollywood Medical Center. Soffer Health also offers extended and Saturday hours. For more information, visit us at

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