Soffer Health Holiday Party

SOFFER HEALTH INSTITUTE recently celebrated the opening of their new state of the art headquarters in Aventura. “The new Medical Office represents Soffer Health’s dedication to the future of health care in our community. The office will serve as the hub for Soffer Health’s eight offices around South Florida,” said Soffer Health’s President Dr. Ariel Soffer. The office is located across from Gulfstream Park in a brand new LEED Certified Platinum rated building that has just opened its doors. The exquisite modern design of the building with the two signature escalators in the front, is the perfect backdrop for the state-of-the-art, world class Cardiology, Vein Experts, Primary Care, Allergy and Weight Loss services. Soffer Vein Experts, a division of Soffer Health is one of the nation’s leading specialists in vein treatments and the largest vein practice in South Florida. Physicians from all over the world are coming to the Soffer Vein Experts division to train with Dr. Soffer and his colleagues on the newest vein procedures. Cardiologist and Vein Specialist Dr. Ariel Soffer, and Primary Care Physicians Dr. Yael Myers and Dr. Neil Furman will be practicing at the Aventura location. The physicians have privileges at Memorial Regional, Jackson Memorial and Aventura Hospitals. Soffer Health accepts most insurance. For more information about Soffer Health or to make an appointment visit, or call (305) 792-0555.

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