Say Goodbye to Facial Veins with Laser Vein Treatment!

We’re always told to put our best foot forward, and are continuously reminded that we only have one chance to make a first impression. We can dress in the finest clothes, exercise every day, and take care of our health, but if we have unsightly spider veins, none of that seems to matter. Even if others don’t see the crawling red and blue lines just below the surface of our skin, we know they’re there. That, alone, can have a huge impact on confidence. Thankfully, there’s a gentle treatment for spider vein issues that works beautifully, even on delicate places like your face.

Why Seek Laser Spider Vein Removal?

Sometimes these little red or blue lines show up as we age, and there’s nothing we can do to prevent them. Other times, they can be caused by being in the sun too much. If you’re a fan of the Florida sun (who isn’t?), this is yet another reason to wear sun block and a hat. Switching up your routine may help prevent future spots from appearing, but it doesn’t get rid of the ones you already have. It’s also worth noting that people who suffer from Rosacea are more-prone to getting them as well. Plus, there are numerous other health and skin conditions that can contribute, too, so it’s always wise to have a thorough exam from a vascular physician, just to rule them out.

Spider Veins Laser treatment has Come a Long Way

Nowadays, it’s the first choice made by vein specialists, simply because it’s not invasive and it’s highly effective. On a delicate place like your face, doctors use what’s known as a Nd:YAG laser. It has opened up doors for spider veins laser treatment- even in patients who were previously told they were not a candidate for older methods due to the directionality or position of their spots. The YAG process is so quick, that it can be performed in a matter of minutes, right in the doctor’s office. There’s no downtime, and patients report measurable results right away.

How Laser Vein Treatment Miami Works

The process is really quite simple, and it’s so gentle that most people feel fine throughout the procedure without any anesthetic. During treatment, the YAG laser is rolled across the top of your skin, and it delivers a long pulse of light energy. This causes the vein to seal itself shut immediately. Afterwards, your body naturally reabsorbs the tissue, and the spot fades away. Unblemished skin coloration returns quickly, and smooth texture is restored. Depending on the complexity of the web and how your body responds, more than one session might be necessary.

It’s a great option for both men and women who need treatment for spider vein areas that are small and are in delicate spots. Many people request to have it done on their buttocks, thighs, and legs as well. If you’ve been trying to hide your spots with makeup or shy away from others, say goodbye to facial veins with laser vein treatment!

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