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Dr. Soffer's newest eBook Prescription Strength TODAY

Dr. Soffer

Soffer Health Team,

We ask that you download Dr. Soffer's newest eBook Prescription Strength TODAY  for only $1.99 on Amazon! (please save your receipt for reimbursement)

Prescription Strength: The Physician's Approach to Effortless Weight Loss - Kindle edition by Soffer, Ariel. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @

We would highly appreciate any feedback and input by mid next week. Earlier the better as the book will be nationally promoted on TV next week.  Stay tuned for air dates and times!


Dr. Ariel Soffer, MD, FACC's latest book Prescription Strength is now available for immediate download! This eagerly awaited book is poised to make waves in healthcare, as Dr. Soffer unveils revolutionary insights into GLP1 medical weight loss techniques, effective in shedding pounds and mitigating cardiovascular risks.

Hailed by the Los AngelesTribune as "essential reading for exploring innovative weight loss medications," Prescription Strength introduces the transformative SimpleMD program.  Finally, weight loss made simple! See behind the scenes photos of Dr. Soffer's NASDAQ interview attached!

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