Dr. Soffer Leads International 2015 Vein Forum Meeting in New Orleans

Dr. Ariel Soffer welcomed physicians and allied health professionals alike at the NCVH 2015 Vein Forum on May 30th.

Dr. Soffer is in his 4th year as the Chairman of NCVH’s Vein Forum and has now grown the meeting to truly International status. His guests included vein specialists from Brazil, Yale University and even Professional Sports (NHL) physicians all bringing their various venous experiences to spirited state of the art discussions.

This year’s Vein Forum focused on “a multidisciplinary approach to optimizing venous circulation that will focus on new developments, treatments, and technology available for Venous Disease and Peripheral Artery Disease.”

The NCVH Vein Forum is an educational nonprofit foundation that sponsors annual events. Specialists from around the world gather to speak about their experiences and share their knowledge with other health care professionals.

The event ran from 8 AM – 3 PM, with a total of 10 faculty members. Dr. Soffer led as the conference chairman, with Robert Coronado and Anil Chagarlamudi as his co-chairmen.

Over the course of the day, interventional cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, vascular surgeons, foot & ankle surgeons, and internal medicine specialists spoke about important matters within their fields of expertise.

The 2015 Vein forum focused on specific topics such as:

Dr. Soffer led many discussions, including those about Laser Thermal Ablation, Foam Sclerotherapy, and Transcutaneous Laser Therapy. He also co-hosted a talk with Rodrigo Kikuchi that focused on Foam Forum: New Technology and Treatment for Varicose Veins.

Other speakers included Chris Cabell, Robert Foster, Robert Attaran, Anil Chagarlamudi, Frank Tursi, Robert Coronado, and Kandy Hammond.

All presentations from the event can be found on the NCVH Vein Forum website.

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