A Wellness Visit Is Your Road Map To Longevity And Disease Prevention

Most of us guide ourselves by the principle if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. That may be all good for things you have around the house, but when it comes to your health, being more proactive is a better idea. Not many of us feel like we have the time to take care of ourselves daily, scheduling a wellness visit seems completely out of the realm. A wellness visit, however, is one of the best tools to maintain good health and to ensure that you are as healthy as you feel.

There are many conditions that people live with that they may not be aware of. The problem is that if you have a disease, and you aren’t aware, you may be doing things that are irreparable. Also, there are many conditions that you can prevent if you know that you either have them, or you are predisposed to them. By knowing what is going on in your body, you can make smart choices to protect yourself and to choose behaviors that will increase your well-being and your quality of life.

Among the things that a wellness visit can screen for is type II diabetes. Studies estimate that as many as three in ten Americans have diabetes and are completely unaware of it. Diabetes is a serious condition, which if left unchecked, could have disastrous consequences for your health. The good news is that type II diabetes can be controlled through diet and exercise. The key is to know that you have it and to make the necessary changes to keep yourself from damaging your heart, your arteries and your overall health.

Other things that a wellness visit to your a health practitioner will include is a blood panel to screen for diseases and illnesses. A blood panel will ensure that your blood platelets are good and that you have the right amount, and right kind of, blood cells. It will also screen for other health indicators such as your liver enzymes. It is possible for you to have the beginning stages of disease and feel completely fine. Some common diseases that start in organs show no signs until you are very sick. Being able to preempt any health condition is the key to getting it under control, or even to cure an ailment before it becomes ominous.

Blood pressure and cholesterol are also indicators of health that can be silent and undetectable by the individual. They are related to your cardiovascular health and can often signal the physician that there may be other things going on. If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you have an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. That is why it is crucial to know that your blood and cholesterol levels are within an acceptable range to decrease your likelihood of disease or disaster.

The problem with the body is that it doesn’t come with a manual, nor does it have an engine light to light up when something isn’t working properly. Your doctor is like a mechanic who can screen for increased wear and tear and make recommendations to increase your overall health. They can also decipher when something is not quite right. The key to living long, and having an excellent quality of life, is prevention. A wellness visit gives you the tools you need to keep everything in check and running smoothly.

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