4 Great Reasons to Lose Weight Now

Food Options Galore!

Now, more than ever before, there are a plethora of great-tasting, low-calorie foods available in the consumer marketplace. The food industry has done well to provide the consumer marketplace with choices that will not only help us lose weight, but do so with an amazing selection of gourmet options. This allows those who are attempting to lose weight to not feel deprived, still have convenience, and maximize their enjoyment of some of their favorite foods in a low calorie way. Restaurants are also following suit by offering low-calorie choices for delicious meals.

No Holiday Excuses!

That’s right. We’re in the month of August so you will not be derailed by Thanksgiving or Christmas cuisines. Those high calorie feasts and desserts will not be in the way of your summertime wardrobes, so don’t worry about these holidays being an excuse for not losing weight. However, at the end of the year, you will have to be careful so you do not get off track with the progress you’ve made. In the meantime, though, you’ll be in that swimsuit and showing off your summertime skin in South Florida in no time!

 Help is Everywhere!

Obesity is an epidemic in our country and, due to that fact, intense research through legitimate resources has been conducted in more facilities than ever in our country’s history. This means, you have more reliable information at your fingertips than ever making now the best time to lose weight. This scientific information is as close as your fingertips because it is accessible on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can also use tools on your smartphone to track calories, athletics, and more. These tools help you stay on track, prevent you from eliminating too many calories, and ensure you are staying properly hydrated.

You Are Smarter Than Before.

You have more knowledge, more maturity, more determination, and you have more “smarts” than last time you attempted a weight loss goal. You’ve taken what you learned from your last attempts and discarded what didn’t work, and moved forward with what did work. This tried and true method instills a type of wisdom that cannot be learned in a fact-based educational environment. Failed attempts teach much more than any other method, as hard as that is to admit for many, therefore it is important to become strong from these efforts. No one else can solve our weight loss problems for us; only we can.

The Bottom Line:

No matter if your weight loss program is for a trip to Miami or Hollywood, Florida or to gain a healthier you, embark upon these goals in a healthy manner. Discuss your weight loss plans with your doctor, as well as a healthy exercise plan.

About Dr. Marc K. Weinberg, D.C.

Dr. Marc Weinberg has been practicing in Miami for more than 20 years and is one of Miami’s preeminent Wellness Consultants.
Raised in Miami, Dr. Weinberg shares his innovative Health and Wellness practices with his patients, family, friends and the community he serves so they can live healthy lives, improve their quality of life and avoid chronic disease.

Dr. Weinberg tailors each of his programs to fit the patient’s needs — from overall health and wellness to natural weight loss and effective pain management. Dr. Weinberg’s passion and natural approach to Wellness, Weight Loss and Pain Management are the secrets to the successes of his programs.

Dr. Weinberg’s natural weight loss program has been helping patients lose weight and inches successfully and without using crazy fads or gimmicks. Dr. Weinberg teaches patients to makeover their eating habits as well as their overall lifestyle, thus avoiding chronic illness and inevitably improving the patients overall quality of life.The results are amazing, and no other program is approaching weight loss in such a healthy way. Our program is ideal for anyone who wants to lose serious weight and burn belly fat the right way.


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