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CARES Actrequires comprehensive private health insurance plans to cover testing needed to detect or diagnose COVID-19, and the administration of that testing, without cost-sharing or medical management requirements.



The collected test is sent off to analysis with answers back in as quickly as 48 hours (See our expedited service option below for fastest results) Note- Result times may vary for reasons out of the control of Soffer Health or LabCorp.

 This convenient NO CHARGE Curbside Pick up & Drop is currently available at the Soffer Health Aventura and Weston offices.


Self-Testing Options:

  1. For patients with any symptoms or concerns of recent exposure to COVID-19 we now have FDA (EUA) APPROVED TESTING (In partnership with LABCORP) SELF ADMINISTERED AT HOME, AT WORK or CURBSIDE AT OUR OFFICE WHILE IN YOUR CAR.
  2. Simply contact us at or 305-792-0555 to arrange or answer any questions. 
  3. If you have health insurance most plans will be covering the cost of this COVID diagnostic test. If you don’t have current health insurance, the cost of this COVID NASAL test has been designated to be covered under the CaresAct. THERE ARE NO UPFRONT COST AND THE UNITED STATES CARES ACT AS WRITTEN HAS APPROPRIATED LIMITED FUNDS FOR THIS PURPOSE ON A NATIONAL BASIS.
  4. We will call you with results immediately upon LABCORP analysis to discuss your individual situation via our Televisit capacity which is also covered by most insurances. NO BALANCE BILLING FROM THE SOFFER HEALTH WILL OCCUR FOR THESE SERVICES. 
  5.  Delivery options for OUR NO UPFRONT COSTS COVID-19 KIT FROM LABCORP include the following, (after discussing the appropriateness with our clinical staff). 

Curbside Testing:

    1. Come into one of our "No Wait" offices to receive a NASAL "Q TIP" and simply swab your nostril in a private exam room with one of our professionals assisting you. She will then take the swab and send off for analysis. That simple!  
    2. Come by any of our offices and have one of our staff bring a "Q Tip" kit directly to your car. Follow the 4 step easy to read instructions and place the same swab in each nostril (not deep into the nose or any deeper than the nostril is recommended). Place the swab in a sealed bag and hand it to our Soffer Health staff member. Even Simpler! 
    3. If you desire the most convenient, expedited service that option is also available. Give us an address anywhere in Dade or Broward County, where the Soffer Health Mobile Service can drop off a test at your home or work. Multiple tests can be delivered if necessary if you're concerned about family members and they pre-register with us. We will wait outside your home or business, while you self-administer the test, then you simply place it in the self enclosed bag and leave on the doorstep. Text our driver waiting outside and we immediately take it from your doorstep in a "Zip Locked and Identified"  bag and deliver it directly to LABCORP for analysis.  With our convenience/expedited pick up we are substantially faster, by 1-2 days in most cases.  A one time convenience/expedited delivery/driver fee of $25 will be collected prior to the visit if this convenience/expedited service is requested. This is considered the simplest solution for most of our busy patients! 


Telehealth Testing Instruction:

  1. Patients can perform a nasal swab test while being simultaneously instructed via the Soffer Tele-visit on your phone or computer without additional charges (part of  the Televisit) depending on time of day.
  2. If the test is “positive” there is a very high degree of accuracy from these FDA EUA APPROVED and STATE OF THE ART TESTS. If symptomatic, our Televisit capacity is robust and decisions regarding treatment can begin immediately.
  3. If the test is negative without symptoms, THE ACCURACY IS ALSO CONSIDERED BY THE FDA TO BE VERY HIGH.
  4. If the test is negative with ongoing suggestive symptoms- we will suggest next level testing to you via our Televisit.
  5. Relax with the knowledge that your Soffer Health clinicians are doing everything that we can during this pandemic to ensure your best health!
  6. Continue to social distance, maintain optimal hygiene and together we will get through this! 
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